Solypse is a business with its solutions and its market, but it is also a community gathered every day around the principles that unite us.


Our company is - completely independent - and focuses on long term development. We cherish taking the time required to develop our knowledge and the links that unite us as an engineer community.


Our strategy favors sustainable partnerships and 100% organic growth to stay in control and act with consistency.

Our short story


Reverse startuping

Development of our first BPM competence center with our historic partner Appian.


Get the flow !

Creation of two new competence centers in Data integration and RPA. Expansion of our activity to the telecoms, insurance and construction industries.


Be Yourself

Launch of our first "ready to go" solutions and acceleration of our development in France.


Be ambitious for our customers

We try to be recognized for our know-how and our good manners. We are constantly looking to progress and want to be ambitious in all our projects, whatever their size. Looking for quality is the guarantee for us to have satisfied customers but also the best way to be useful, to deepen our knowledge and to value the people with whom we work.

Act with ethics

The digital revolution is paradoxical. It frees us from tedious tasks, democratizes access to knowledge but - without control or ethics - it quickly becomes liberticidal and intrusive. Ethics in our professions has probably not yet had the echo it deserves, but at Solypse we want to do our job while respecting the fundamental rights of individuals.

Be curious and enterprising

The world is moving fast. Every day new innovations appear and are likely to revolutionize the activity of our customers. We need to be on the lookout for these new developments and work with the right experts to help our customers navigate their way through this world of information.

Foster professional development

We want to make each of us a recognized expert in their field and offer our employees better control of their time. In addition to continuing education on various subjects, we frequently think and rethink our organization so that it promotes creativity, autonomy and individual responsibility.




Freedom and responsibility


Digital allows us to break the traditional codes of our societies and to reinvent in depth our way of life at work. Being more efficient for yourself and for your clients by controlling your time, accelerating decision-making or choosing the place where we work. In short, by putting people at the center of our concerns.


Regain mobility

Last element of emancipation, mobility. We are all nomads and the words coworking or coworking are now part of our way of life. Changing space for an hour, a day or several weeks, in the same district or several thousand kilometers away, nothing more powerful to approach our subjects of study from new angles. Mobility is multifaceted and offers each of us the opportunity to break the routine, regain our concentration or our inspiration.

Mastering what matters most: your time


Managing your time better is sometimes working at home to receive a package, make a mid-morning appointment with a doctor. Optimizing the management of personal contingencies is, in turn, being more relaxed and focused during your work shifts.



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